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Heart Attack
Sep 01, 2014
Written by By Dr.Lala

Heart attack is always a scary situation and you must be aware of its signs especially since there is what they call 'silent' heart attack. Silent heart attack is usually common in elderly people; so there may not be any signs at all. Here are major signs to watch for in the case of a heart attack. A single sign may occur by itself or all may occur together. 1. Any chest or epigastric (upper stomach) pain (this could be in the front, back or side) 2. Left arm pain with radiation and/or nu.

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How living or working by the airport could affect one’s health
Nov 20, 2014
Written by By Dr.Lala

How living or working by the airport could affect one’s health … Research finds that elderly people above 65 years of age are at risk of cardiovascular problems because of long-term exposure to aircraft noise such as while living by an airport. Though the association and the physiological process as to how aircraft noise causes cardiovascular problems including hypertension and ischemic heart disease such as heart attack is unclear, it is clear that chronic exposure to aircraft noise causes anx.

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